After the cremation, an urn is the best and safest place for your loved ones, whether human or pet. Each urn has its own color, design, pattern, size, and material specialty. Some people bury the ashes in urns, some keep them indoors and outdoors. Also, many people scatter the ashes and keep the beautiful urns as a tribute. Choosing an ashes urn is a personal choice. At The Urns for Ashes, we make various articles that can also be customized according to your choices. You can choose the color that was your loved one’s favorite.

Burial is turning into an undesirable choice day by day. This is only because of environmental effects. Many chemicals are being used during the burial of the body including some formaldehyde, methanol, glycerin, etc. Once the body gets decomposed, the chemicals added walk to the soil and thus to the plants. On consuming the fruits of those plants, they directly enter into our bodies. Hence, cremation and storing the ashes after is the best way to say goodbye to your loved ones. We can say that cremation is the most eco-friendly method. An urn gives you the option to keep your loved ones close, especially the indoor one. Since these are mobile you can shift the urns according to your locations.

It is such a big opportunity to design the urns for your loved ones to make their cremation more special. We do have many options which include urns, jewelry, outdoors and indoors. If the last wish of the deceased is to be cremated and then buried, we also have an option for that. Our biodegradable urns are best suited. They decompose after some time with the surroundings when put under the ground. The material used in this is cardboard, solid paper, clay, etc. You do have the option to equip the container according to the personality of the deceased. For example, for people who love games, we made cricket bats, football, etc. based urns and if the one is into police forces or something like that, you can go for eagle urns. This is the symbol of pride.

If we talk about the prices of the urns, it depends on the sizes and designs you choose. The material that is being used in making these. But you do not need to worry about it, we do have a large range of cheap to expensive without any compromise of quality. We also understand the overwhelming emotions while cremating your adored one. We have different kinds of urns with their beauty.

First comes, Wood Urns. These are the most natural ones and are prepared without any harmful practices. The detailing and finishing we provide make these more like an art piece than a cremation urn.

Tealight Candle Urns - These add a more aesthetic look to your home. These are having a candle which you can light in the memory of your loved ones. It comes in very beautiful colors and we have a vast range of designs also.

Matching Urns - This comes with a set of adult urns and keepsake urns. Keepsake one is a little one that holds a tiny amount of ashes. This is for the family who wants to divide the cremains of the deceased to maintain closeness.

There are many ways in which you can reuse cremation urns. You can turn it into a flower base. It is a common and symbolic way to use it. You can put any flowers or the one that was your lost one’s favorite. If you have chosen a piece of art urn, you can use it as your home decor. This will increase the elegance of your home and keep the memories of the deceased alive. These can also be used as organizers. You can keep the small things in it. Explore our collection and choose the best.